Concept:execute. is my latest venture.  It's not so much something new, as it is more a redefinition of what my capabilities are.  As a Project Architect/Project Manager working in a firm my job covers a lot of ground.  From developing initial design concepts, to dealing/negotiating with clients, overseeing and coordinating in & out of house teams, budget planning, expediting, negotiating contracts on behalf of the client and the firm and being overall responsible for the execution of all services leading to the final product.

In a firm I'd be a Project Manager.  Working for a development company I'd be an Owner's Rep.  On my own - my ability, education, talent & years of experience make me a Design Consultant.  Concept:execute. A re-focusing of myself.  Check out my site - let's talk link-trade, cross-promotional material.  www.conceptexecute.com

mission statement:
We are a team of young entrepeneurs from varying yet overlapping disciplines.  Concept:execute is the brainchild of necessity, a, 'one-stop-shop,' for businesses, homeowners & the common individual looking to grow.  We offer a wide range of services but our biggest strength is our expertise.  Over the years one thing constantly confounds us.  That has been watching our clients & associates mindlessly waste money, time & resources.  Let us help you.  With our combined network of contacts, our years of performance in real world scenarios, combined with our education & know-how make no job too big or too small.  Concept:execute is simple.  Our concept is to execute.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant

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