3 levels of communication

     As designers, we wear many hats.  Unfortunately not EVERYONE likes to stay up all night drinking old coffee & smoking cigarettes.  Our clients, most likely - don't even want to know we do that, but may have a suppressed feeling that we do....  Anyway - I just want you to remember the 3 levels of communication:  What YOU mean, What you SAY, and What THEY hear.... here are some potentially dangerous examples:

You say:  I don`t know.
You mean:  Shit, they caught that one little detail -shoulda kept my mouth shut in the 1st place...
They hear: You got me pal, while it`s obvious I will be ready in the future, I`m not ready now so send me back to where I came from....

CATASTROPHIC! How about this:

You say: Leave it as an open item, let`s move on & I`ll have it to you by the a.m.
You mean:  Shitfuck - I have no clue what this guy is talking about, but so&so does, so I need to get him or her on the phone by the end of the day.
They hear: Let`s keep this meeting going as all our time is valuable - I have the correct answer, but I want to make sure before I give it to you.


You say:  Call me when you`re ready to go, I`m here working.
You mean: I`m onto your ways, asshole - I will not wait for you if you're going to be a loser & waste my time.
They hear: I`m diligently working, but ready for action at the drop of a dime.  When you`re ready, you know where to find me.

     Remember the 3 levels of communication! Unfortunately, business & design collide so BE READY!  Does it sound like double speak - sorta - but I have a hunch any businesssman over 40 has done MORE than his fair share of double talk, for more dubious reasons than ours - and unfortunately it`s necessary sometimes to keep things moving.
     As we talked about before - our clients do NOT have the training or experience we have AND they hired us to take care of their problems - so often times I HAVE to use this `double speak` to shield them from problems while giving myself the time to solve the problem.... Believe me - I`ve wasted WAY too many hours tryin to explain the ins & outs to clients - where if I woulda said, `Don`t worry shit is ill,` & hung up the phone - I could`ve solved the problem in that same amount of time.   Remember - keep your mouth shut - protect your client to avoid stress.  

Be Relentless

I say: Regards, Frank M. Bua Design Consultant
I mean: Have a good one, I`m Frank & I`m the man.
You hear: This effin guy...who does he think he is...

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