Best Craigslist Ad Ever?

     Another day another deal.  In between my to-do list (you may have heard of it - it's called The Never Endng Story) I'm also currently in the middle of a move.  That means I'm subletting my current place, making a little dough, moving into a bigger - less expensive place, essentially putting hundreds back in my bank every months.  And no - I gave up nothing, only gained.  I traded the pool for a backyard - I'll use the backyard more fo sho!
     Simple little 'think-it-thru-first' strategy we usually forget. 
     Anyway - I used a little levity in the ad...I've done this before - I hate sounding like a business man or broker so I take a more organic approach.  Regardless - Within 18 hours of posting the following ad.... let's just say this: I put a mass email out to the responses essentially setting up 2 days of open house here (2hrs a day - worth the time).  Yeah - that many responses... That's not even the weird thing - I'd say 5% of the responses were just telling me how much they enjoyed the Craigslist ad.  ????????????????????????????????  I didn't think it was THAT funny... here it is:

$950 Silly Bachelor Pad, June 1st, Roof Pool (Bloor)

approx. 400 s.f. (dont have a tape measure, sorry)- of awsesome bachelor
pad w/ an additional 100 s.f. terrace!!

Available June 1st! 950 or best offer!

22nd floor - nice
sick roof view - cool
night time security - safe
rooftop indoor heated pool - oh yeah
rooftop sauna - what?
utilities included - shut yo mouth!

great deal, email for more pictures.

Probably NOT the best Craigslist Ad Ever - Maybe it's just that pool picture... I dunno - I have my to-do list to get too.  I promise I'll get back to design tips soon.

Frank M. Bua
Apartment Mogul

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  1. Anonymous3/6/10 17:16

    "what" and "shut yo mouth" seal the deal!
    they just want to rent the place so they can meet you ;)