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     So yeah, I guess I missed a post yesterday.  Sorry guys, been pretty busy setting up concept:execute.  It's my design/business consultation group & yesterday was a big day.  Over the past 2 weeks I've been able to develop the web site, work on this blog, work on my other website & put social networking sites such as facebook to use helping those sites grow.  What else have I done?  Well as if creating a whole concept & look for the company wasn't enough - letterheads, business cards, 2 forms of marketing material (1 shown below - the other, secret) w/ a coherent marketing strategy including multi-media advertising (for no $).  I have a business model/ plan which helped me quickly & accurately shape the look of the company.  I put together an in-house team, which can take care of immediate work while I continue to hit the streets.  I've reached out to & am currently negotiating terms w/ my outside teams, (as a consultant - having good deals helps A TON) including a sweet deal w/ one of New Yorks Top 40 designers of 2009.  When the ink is dry, I'll big them up here and share their sweet stuff with you.
     I put together a short-list of HOT HOT leads. I'm already talking to some now & the best part - they don't know they're leads.  Starting out - anything I do good for them is good for me - so for now we're just having friendly conversation & when the time matches my good ideas - I'll pitch them, or hopefully they'll have already pitched me.  I also have the next tier of leads- the ones getting my introductory packet, in the shown folder - which I also developed & made in the last 2 weeks.  I also have a nice deal w/ a printer - so I'll be getting my ads & stickers printed on the super cheap, as well as material for in-house printing which is even cheaper.  (Stickers? yes - an alternate version of the logo that applies to another targeted/overlapped clientele - keep up people) At this exact moment, a lot of this is just on my hard-drive.  But today I get my business phone line (yep, got that too) at which point my marketing can go out full force.

    And yesterday may have been the biggest as I officially signed TWO - outside contracts for my services.  One being for a quick web site, and the other being for the staging of a high-end condo designed by the internationally hot Peter Clewes.  And to top it off - the new iphone business line is courtesy of one of those clients - IN ADDITION to the fees they've agreed to pay me.  Make good relationships people - and don't be afraid to reach out to them.  BUT REMEMBER - it's better to reach out to them once a year w/ a good idea than to call them like a pain in the ass every other week begging for money.  Time is money, they know that - you should know that.  Call them to congratulate on public accolades too - butter that toast while remembering their rep is your rep & vice versa. Of course this only works when your portoflio can choke a hippo - like mine can.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant

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