curtis mayfield day

Today is Stabby proclaimed, Curtis Mayfield Day.  Why today?  I dunno... Why Curtis?  Well...come on are you really asking me?  The ORIGINAL CURTIS?  The guy that influenced Jimi Hendrix, Frusciante, and countless others?  Listen to this guys lyrics man... Curtis Mayfield knows what's up. Just listen.

Freddie's Dead - Start off a little slow, get to feeling your boy:

Pusherman.... GOD - people used to have something to say... nowadays the just wanna listen to others... anyway - this is some hard funk right here.... so dope...

Move On Up - A happier Curtis....this shit is straight 'hyphy' - if you don't double your work output listening to this... then you must be dancing....8 minutes of awesome complete w/ drum solo....

Keep on keepin on - take a breath with this as a 'Curtis Goodbye'

Happy Curtis Mayfield Day everybody!

Frank M. Bua
wanna be funk guitarist

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