Design Time

     Sorry I missed a post yesterday.  As mentioned, last week this designer signed 2 contracts and needs to fulfill his obligations at the moment.  Here's a business card logo I did - it's the back of his card.
     Let's mention something about business cards quickly.  A lot of people want to put 'all they know' on their card.  Phone, Fax, Email, Website, FTP site, Company name, Position - and sometimes even their own name.  That's all great and dandy - they think it makes them look more legit, or more important - whatever it is, it's bad taste.  An overstocked business card signals (to a trained eye) a used car salesman - not the COO of Manhattan Motor Club.  You know what I find even more often?  Heads of companies NOT having business cards.  You think Steve Jobs has a business card?  Your local Senator?  The Vice President of Blackstone? NOPE.
     Unfortunately, if you're a designer, you don't operate on that level .  But regardless of what you do - a simple, clean, nicely stocked business card should be your weapon of choice.  Something that signals, 'I'm a professional, but I won't BEG for business.'  After all - that's the point of your other marketing material - not the point of a personal contact business card exchange.  For my own cards - I go double sided.  Front side is JUST my name & title in a faded/smaller font.  On the back - my company name, it's mailing address and my phone number.  NECESSARY INFO ONLY!  But Frank - why don't you list your email addrress?  Here's why - I'm the business owner - I'm talking to other business owners - we connect via phone as it is more personal & my charm is irresistable.  Most likely - his people will email my people.  If he/she really needs to contact me via web, he has my web address - which has all my contact info.

(this is the back of the clients card - he's a little more flashy then me & took the address off  for internet viewing)

     The overall look is what is ultimately important - so do what you need to do with your business card, as long as it conveys the message you want it to convey.
      That's it. I'm done.

Frank M. Bua
Designer of Business Cards too...


  1. Anonymous11/5/10 20:42

    "he's a little more flashy then me & took the address off" --- look up usage of "then" versus "than"

  2. Time. Didn't have to look up, 'superiority complex,' either but thanks. Actually, i wouldn't accept it from my team, you guys shouldnt accept it from me. Just keep in mind blogging is not a top priority, but shameless self marketing is. This poor bastard blog.

  3. Anonymous15/5/10 10:09

    proper word usage is always a top priority for those who want to articulate their ideas clearly.