Emergency Facebook Hack Post

     Hey guys - while I use FB and other social networking sites to promote myself & my clients, it's not my favorite use of the internet.  (I had a bad myspace addiction a few years back)
     Regardless - I still believe in the right to privacy, even if you post that privacy in public forums.
     You may have heard that over the past 48 hours there has been a MAJOR FACEBOOK HACK that has occured.  Luckily - I wasn't involved - when one friend left the link calling another friend by his full name - I kind of figured out what was happening.  I DID NOT REALIZE it would get so out of control.
    So, because this blog has a facebook fan page, and beacuse I'm a nice guy - I'm giving you all a link that should help remove this hack & keep you protected in the future.  I found it through Maximum PC dot com - where I like to review my products  pre-purchase.  The following link takes you to a FREE CLOUD ANTIVIRUS program provided by Panda Security.  There is a local installation - but for the most part it being cloud based means any existing mal/spyware you have won't be able to affect the scan.  Here it is, from me to you:


 (i wanted a 'fuck hackers' sign - but this was too funny.. and we can't let terrorists change our lives right!)

Frank M. Bua
needs some sleep on sunday

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