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     So we've spoke about the many hats we wear.  Today is a little out of the design box, but definitely within your realm as an interior/industrial/graphic/architect/etc....
      Anyway, today I want to take a minute to formally endorse the guys at Approvedfha.com.  They just launched the latest version of their powerful lead generation software - so go check out the site and buy yourself a new home!
     Seriously - next time you have a client in mortgage trouble, or an investor looking for solid connections with solid people - refer them to:

     Hey - here's a design tip - go there yourself, educate yourself a little bit - and make more out of your future business deals.  The guys at ApprovedFHA provide intensive educational resources about home mortgage loans, construction loans, foreclosed properties, etc. Hey - they're the experts, ask them not me.  The Tip:  work with people you can trust to get the job done.  Work with the mortgage specialists at  ApprovedFHA.com

Frank M. Bua
Business Consultant 

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