My Portfolio Chokes Hippos

     I recently mentioned that my portfolio could choke a hippo. Well since I said it, I guess I should back it up. Here's the deal - I'm 28 years old. I've been doing this for almost 10 years, and throughout my career I made very conscious decisions to continually move up for experience as well as money. That's how I went from hand-drafting decks in some dudes attic to designing WHOLE towns in Italy and landing a job for one of the tallest residential spaces in the world. I've trained & managed people much older than me & even though it sounds cocky, many designers twice my age would kill to work on the projects I have, at my level of responsibility. It's all in my portfolio - but to top it off - I got ultra-bauhaus on it as well.
     I knew I had a commercial quality home printer (see: ABP series) capable of producing 8.5x11's. But that doesn't stand out! And according to research - 11x17's tend to get tossed to the side, & any weird size becomes difficult to produce & carry. So I decided to print & mount my portfolio on 11x11 squares. Then according to the dimensions of 11x11 - I scaled the layout of images, font size, etc. to match the presentation. (If you've studied art, whether classical or modern, or any form of expression actually, I trust you know the importance of COMPOSITION) I had an initial concept for the final design in my head, but I waited until the layout was done & I was in the art store searching for appropriate materials to select the cover & clips. As you can see, it came out well. I was able to use my materials to re-create the 2d logo I developed for myself. The portfolio stands on it's own, and on the other side is my cheat sheet of project specs & info. After all - clients just like to see pretty pictures. You can see the actual pages & projects [here].

      At the end of the day, I feel it does my project list justice and at the same time speaks about how I approach design projects.  Also - people LOVE to hear there was a power drill involved in the making of it.
So - get on the ball people... Clients are often fooled by pretty pictures w/ no substance - and 2nd year design students from overly theoretical schools have a ton of that... Too bad they don't have the knowledge to execute anything. Unfortunately, especially in NY - we have to compete. So be relentless...

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant

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