Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

If you're looking for pt 3 of my printer commentary - check back on Monday.  The weekend is here, and that calls for weekend activities.  Hence, 'Ol' Skate Clip of the Week,'  where I find some old part any skater over 25 should know about & post it for our own enjoyment.  Then use it to HATE on the new young guns.  Awesome. 

I picked this b/c not only was Kareem ahead of his time, but also I love that song...so much so that I have it's lyrics tattooed on my inner bicep.  But really - this part definitely is from a time when skateboarding was all about being a poor street kid - not about winning 100k X game whatever they call it.  Check you boy out - rockin' lines on handrails, big burly - and somehow still tech w/out being labeled in either category.  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KAREEM CAMPBELL & TODAYS SKATERS:  Kareem was making tricks dope, not just doing the dope tricks.   Kareem realized just cuz you can do some weird whirly bird shit on your board - doensn't mean you should. He just kept it real - dope tricks, grimey spots, slap 5 in the middle of a line - real skateboarding. And he had the best double company name ever: KSL.  Kareem Still Livin' OR Kareem Stackin' Loot - come on people.

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