Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     This weeks installment: Mike York... .OH YEAH! I know what you're thinking - & 99% of the time I'd agree with you.  When Mouse came out - I probably ffwd'd this part 8 outta 10 times - I mean - Gino? Keenan? Guy? Koston? Who the fuck bought that video for Mike York?  And have you seen this guy, York lately?  HE SUCKS. Really - I know he's had some serious injury & health problems - but I'm from the school that believes you need to go out w/ a bang, and he's going out as 'Yorkatron?'  LAME.
     BUT - yeah BUT - this part is pretty sick - I had no idea till I re-watched it a few week's ago.  Remember when you pussies jumped on Dill's dick like he was the first to do a s/s/k/f/n/m?  York did it way back when.... (let's not talk Koston s/s/b/s/180/k/f/n/m)  And when I watch this part now - and I think of all the 'it' tricks when this video came out - York is rockin' them in this part - to the fullest... He's got that tre flip back leg kick out, some stee... this part is hotter than you remember.
     So, No - I'm not starting a Mike York bandwagon or anything - but this part may be one of the most overlooked in history - next to Colin McCay's part in 'The Chocolate Tour' - but then again I've never even watched that part, and neither did you so....

Frank M. Bua
whatever - it's saturday.


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  2. Definitely Yorkatron's best part.

  3. his crooks game was really on point...