Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     I'm going to tell you right now, this is NOT THE LAST Enrique Lorenzo clip you will see on this blog.  This dude has been awesome since before it was awesome to be awesome.  (Take that Garritty.)  Seriously - his second trick sets the tone for this whole part - dope, original, stee'd the eff out.  Really - this is like a part of straight hammers.  I'm going to watch it again right now in the middle of this post.
1:44 is ridiculous... in a line? I'll tell you a criteria for, 'OSCW,' - The part has to be at least 10 years old and could still be relevant today.  Basically, the part is dope enough that anyone reading this blog would be hard pressed to reproduce it.
     But Enrique - such stee... such originality... such hard tricks... and it's the little things he does too for added difficulty that you don't realize at first - like kickflipping up a curb the wrong way & not caring about it.  Enough from me, Enjoy:

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  1. he'll give you that frontside flip on a mini, he'll give you that perfect k/f/b/s/n/g in a line IN THE RAIN...