Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     Rainy weekend...  Ol' Skate Clips - just like beer & pizza... 
     Anyway - this week's installment: Gershon Mosely.  When I first started skating,  this guy was my absolute fav.  I had seen a few pics of Mosely here & there, then Powell came out w/ Suburban Diners....  His steelo was sick, and he pulled a nollie 270s/f/sn/s - came out switch too....(in a line!)  I remember him killing a mini in some old Thrasher vid as well....  I even saw him at the first Warped Tour (triple o.g. over here) and asked him for his board after he murdered that ol' portable halfpipe thing they had - remember that thing?  They had the setup dude in a 411 commercial now that I think about it.  Then like 2 months later he was interviewed in Transworld and said how much he hates kids asking for his board.....
     Although Suburban Diners is collecting dust somewhere in my old attic - I was able to find this part.  It was his 411 profile - the one he did for 'best of' was good, but it's essentially the same clips a few years later.   But seriously - especially considering the quality of every other skater (except world/girl) at the time - this shit is dope.  If you made this part tomorrow - you'd be siked.... S/k/f indies - switch feebs down handrails.... how real is his switch tre?
     Unfortunately all 411 parts seem to be so bad they take away from the skating.  I apologize & will try to use them only when the part I really wanted is unavailable. But for now - Enjoy:

i love his spot killing too... one night, one spot - done deal.  that's fucking business right there.

Frank M. Bua
weekend child

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  1. You brought back / triggered some good old memories my friend.

    Yes! - Big Black Sweaty "Gershon Mosley" maybe obsolete today, but the shit back in the early 90's!

    I remember clearly when your dad, you, Jared, & I hit that OG Warp Tour up, getting so siked off possibly meeting in person anyone off the Suburban Diner Video / Powel team.

    Your dweeby ass asking Gershon for his board ( I totally remember that and I remember thinking how cool that could have been if he gave it to you, but Jared and I just had to make fun of you for it cause you sounded like a tool ).

    I think that "year" is what truly sealed the skate deal for you and I. Paved the way for Tampa trips, "Nick Kosher", Ray Barbees 23 in black (we both loved that stee but never owned a pair) and Science Projects galore. It definitely became a way of life 4life.

    Next time you in LA we hit up the new park in NOHO, its sick!!!!

    Keep it stabby!

    Saving lives one calculation at a time!