It can be hard to remember sometimes.  Simplicity.  For the most part - it is the basis of organic design.  What can you take away from your designs?   Next time you're 'finished,' give it another once over.  Can't find anything? Here's a hint - you can take away anything, as long as it is not that which should be taken away!
     Yeah, I'm paraphrasing Frank Lloyd Wright here - but these are the ideas of many architects, sculptors & artists.  Anything that is 'minimalist,' or 'modernist,' or  simply what can commonly be called 'clean,' or what I specifically call, 'elegant' -  at the heart of these words lies this organic idea.  We are not in the renaissance, we don't need, or create, or value that picturesque world.  No, we are in a modern era of fast paced - everyTHANG.  
     There is no time and no fooling anyone.  We do not rely on trickery, or affects to create great designs.  And those that do, are quickly exposed (cough liebeskind i hate you cough).  '...the thing has to be what it is...' - FLW.  Of course he was yelling that and stamping his fist... But it is true - what are you designing? Does it serve its purpose (dont get trappped in functionalism here)?  Does it convey about itself what you intended it to convey?  Does it better its setting?  Does it enhance the audiences experience?
     There is always a lot going on... Obviously theory only enters the minds of a few of us - but beyond that as we all know is a mountain of shit that is necessary to do to deliver the final product.  Coding, printing, approvals, budgets, deadlines, billings, slackers, etc.  Sometimes you forget the most simple thing- and that's what todays weblog is about. 
     This comes courtesy of Paul Hanan, partner & designer at Graham Withers Clothing company.  I often reach out to my friends in design related fields for opinions - for one, I respect them or I wouldn't work with them.  For two - they are familiar with my work and will let me know if I'm 'reaching' or missing my mark.  Dont get me wrong - sometimes I think they have their head up their ass and I go with my design gut. 

    Anywho - I asked Mr. Hanan what he thought of one of my new sites.  Something Ive been really involved in, really developing and generally being too much of a perfectionist - which we all know can be detrimental sometimes.  Im glad I asked Paul, because hes pretty direct.  His review of the site:

there's no clean progression like:
Home page--->services--->examples of products--->contact us 

    I was so deflated reading that! I was so worried about this and that that I forgot the SIMPLE stuff.  So no matter how sick my css rollovers, or xml data sets were - THEY AMOUNTED TO SHIT without the simple concept that Mr. Hanan was kind enough to remind me of.    So, this long ass post is cuz I missed you guys yesterday and because all of us should be reminded to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant

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