The Bug Is Back In Town (FRANK BUA GOES BACK TO NYC!!)

     On the bus back to NYC. Yes - bus. Go to www.megabus.com It's awesome. Double decker, brand new, free wifi, outlets everywhere - and if you book early enough most tickets only cost ONE DOLLAR. Yes it's true - I went roundtrip to Toronto for 5 bux... less than it costs to get to the Mamoun's, or even a beer at Daddy's....

      Anyway - quick post today - just to let you all know that for the next 4-6 weeks - you better step your game up.  To quote Marvin Gaye, 'I Come Up Hard Baby.'
     Really - I look forward to seeing all my friends & family.  Spending some time in CP w/ a bottle of wine listening to free concerts, hit my roof for a joint, hit my terrace w/ my Ovation (missed you baby!) and of course trying to get some clients and spread the Concept: propoganda. PS.1, shady bqe skating, dinner party at Wolf Sleepy, MoMA Thursdays (orchestras in the sculpture garden! missed you too!) - I miss a good falafel, the tombstone place 2 blocks from my apartment..
     Before I left, the 'disneyfication' of NYC was really getting to me.  I'm interested to see if I'll still be annoyed, or if the feeling was a side effect of a depressing time.  Regardles, 24 months, 6 countries - I lived in NY my whole life (people don't understand the rarity of that statement, or take it for granted) and I realize it's not the end all be-all.  You start to realize - what's worth it to some, is bottom of the barrell for others & vice versa.  You think, what has 'worth' anyway? My memories, my friends, my family -  for me, that's the only thing worth anything.  When I'm going senile, I'll have a lot to look back on - and I just need to make sure it's going to be a good story.

     Let's be clear - I LOVE NEW YORK.  I always have, always will.  I've taken it for quite a ride, wether it's yachts & private chefs, smoking tree under some bridge in Central Park, stealing quarter waters as a kid -   The more I travel, the more I appreciate & miss the city.  Honestly - if you really want to appreciate NYC - you HAVE TO LEAVE for awhile.  Really - the way a native NYer thinks life works - is very far from the rest of the world.  Like Vincent Vega says in 'Pulp Fiction' - it's the little differences.

     One day I'll have my farm in Sicilia & I'll have my dream life excluded from the popular idea of what 'society' is.  And for now - there's work to be done and places to go.  But New York will always be home.  I'm really excited to be back for the summer.  Here's some pics of one of my favorite places in the world.


New York News Promo

Frank M. Bua
bus rider

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