my first architecture post

So after determining that I probably need ritalin, I get this email from my old bud Ziv Zamir, Senior Project Manager @ DJ Associates Architect, PC down on Broadway...  

THIS (below), is the same project preconstruction... didn't know or care to learn how to embed a yahoo video (although it's probably easy), so I found this on 'tube:
Coincidence? Possibly. 

Honestly - this is something I wouldn't probably  do myself.  I mean - if you're going this route - spending 2 mill just to say you live in an airplane pretty much shoots all your trendy 'green' ideas in the foot.  Helicoptering the pieces in?  Oh it's recycled, but you tripled your carbon footprint - good job. 

Overall it's a neat, gimmicky idea.  Does it speak to the residents? It's surroundings effectively? Hey - w/out being there I'll have no idea how succesful these talented (seriously, this was hard to do) designers 'solved' it.  (Solved: a very technical term that only makes sense to architectural students who spend min. 5 years w/ no sleep while constantly being berated by their professors... go ahead - ask your archibuds..) 

At the very least - it's a testament to what any of us are able to do at any given time given the right motive mixed w/ the right passion. 

-That Guy
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  1. I really love this idea. The homes made of the old shipping containers are great too - But this is definitely some next level stuff!

    There's certainly a great market for 'green' homes.

  2. I feel there's always a difference between, 'going green,' & just following a fad. Unfortunately for architects, they have to wait for their potential clients to find a fad before they are willing to think outside the box. This, for generations now, has hampered the modern day architect - which in a way denies the rest of society of a better, more beautiful place to live.

  3. Design looked pretty tight. As for me, I'm building my crib out of old Anti Hero boards, yellowed out Spitfires and melting down Indy's for framing.