Ol' Skate Clip of the Week, lets say #8

Here's a little seen ol' part from back in the day. Your boy, New York's lost son - Keenan Milton. You want to talk style skaters? This guy was doing it BACK in the day... and he wouldn't hesitate to switch flip a triple set either... So smooth. You can't tell me you don't model your switch flip after the one Keenan did over a picnic table in Mouse.

Switch shove nosegrinds, switch varial heels, the guy was too good w/ his own bag of tricks. Thinking about it - a lot of this guys tricks would be some other pro's 'signature trick.' But Keenan Milton had them all & made it look too easy. Keenan Milton Forever.

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  1. the slow mo Ghostface part is such a killer bonus... i love the film of him just pushing w/ major stee