Design Competition

     So I've entered a architecture_design competition.  It's a competition that will lead to a job, which I need, so screw it. 
     The project consists of an existing church which will be converted into a high-end oyster/martini lounge. It's located on Queen St. West in Toronto, Ontario.  
     The initial feeling I get from the partners is that they love that I'm from NYC, but seem to think I'm going to go way over budget.  I`m kind of worried about that too, but my inclinations of the space make me think I can spend the budget wisely, where it needs to be spent - and walk away with a cohesive, plastic design. 
     So I`ve been narrowed from 30 apparently, to 8 & now to 4.  My concept for the design is consistent with the owners I feel - that we want that `converted church` feel to a classy lounge.  Problem is - this, `old church,` is more old warehouse than Notre Dame.  And thus, the problems begin. 
     Anyway - here`s some pics of the existing structure as is.  I`ll post my, `entry,` soon enough.  A lot of it is already there in my head & in sketch - now I just need to set up the design presentation.


     Looking forward to the challenge. Hopefully they`ll like my design concepts & executable strategies.

Frank M. Bua


  1. Anonymous31/7/10 16:14

    Good luck with this. Looking forward to seeing your entry (and then the finished product!)

  2. I'm seeing Shaker furniture. Oh and be mindful of acoustics. Looks noisy in there. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous19/8/10 11:54

    Good Luck Oldest Internet Buddy ever!!!!