Computer Aided DESIGN????

     Design starts in the mind - the quickest way to express is through the free movements of your hand to paper... THE COMPUTER IS A TOOL PEOPLE! 

     Don't get me wrong- my minor is in computer aided DESIGN & drafting.  But the DESIGN part should not be confused. 

     Your Design is AIDED by your programs - not generated BY your programs.  It's easier to drop shadows or calculate structural loads on the computer.  But WHERE are those shadows being cast from?  What NEW idea did you have that necessitated BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

     We all have fallen in this hole where we SEE the design in our head - jump into photoshop/max/etc. and next thing we know we just spent 3 hours getting our gradients right and our file structure set up.  That's 3 hours that the design went NOWHERE. 

     Use the computer as a tool to execute your designs, aid your designs.  It can not design for you.  Remember - somehow the Brooklyn Bridge was built sans CAD.  The Empire State Building was rendered in watercolor & ink.  Marc Jacobs knows how to hand sew.  The Coca-Cola logo, nike logo - drawn by hand. 

     So go out and have fun designing.

Frank M. Bua


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZzzKDytK1o

    i'm posting this for you.

  2. how did i miss this on your blog?