8 hot minutes

Music is art.  If you don't know that, you can go to another blog.  From 3:24-6:30 John Frusciante discusses a problem of art as applied to music.  He's awesome.  This video is awesome.  Bending the fabric of reality is awesome.  Many people over look classic ideas.  But the truth is, those ideas are the most simplest, truest ideas of all time.  (Egyptians developed electricity don't forget...) Frusciante, like Picasso and other artistic genius', re-interprets classicism... their work transcends style because it is not a fad, but because like classicism itself it speaks to timeless ideas about interpretration of our senses.  A style is something new that eradicates the old.  This is beyond that - its re-interpretation of the medium used to express our inner selves.  It's genius.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant




Still playing in the middle of the street.  In the middle of the night.  In the middle of the... Given up before gotten started.  Early morning exhaustion, mid morning tension, afternoon daydreams, night time vultures.  Accept those gone, welcome those new.  Forever means nothing.  What has will be.

Frank M. Bua
sometimes i'm a deep thinker