Ol' Skate Clip of the Week #7 or something

Steve Olson. Fulfill the Dream. Way back in the day I saw this guy do a f/s/flip fakie 5-0 on a ledge... like - little wheels back in the day. Then he went kinda underground. We were siked he got on shorty's - but moreso about Smolik and Muska... yeah - cuz his part was cut from Toy Machine video - you were siked too at the time - don't lie!

Anyway - we knew this part would probably be good... but not THIS good. Surprise part of the year I'd say... You remember... If you don't, here it is, enjoy:


Best Craigslist Ad Ever?

     Another day another deal.  In between my to-do list (you may have heard of it - it's called The Never Endng Story) I'm also currently in the middle of a move.  That means I'm subletting my current place, making a little dough, moving into a bigger - less expensive place, essentially putting hundreds back in my bank every months.  And no - I gave up nothing, only gained.  I traded the pool for a backyard - I'll use the backyard more fo sho!
     Simple little 'think-it-thru-first' strategy we usually forget. 
     Anyway - I used a little levity in the ad...I've done this before - I hate sounding like a business man or broker so I take a more organic approach.  Regardless - Within 18 hours of posting the following ad.... let's just say this: I put a mass email out to the responses essentially setting up 2 days of open house here (2hrs a day - worth the time).  Yeah - that many responses... That's not even the weird thing - I'd say 5% of the responses were just telling me how much they enjoyed the Craigslist ad.  ????????????????????????????????  I didn't think it was THAT funny... here it is:

$950 Silly Bachelor Pad, June 1st, Roof Pool (Bloor)

approx. 400 s.f. (dont have a tape measure, sorry)- of awsesome bachelor
pad w/ an additional 100 s.f. terrace!!

Available June 1st! 950 or best offer!

22nd floor - nice
sick roof view - cool
night time security - safe
rooftop indoor heated pool - oh yeah
rooftop sauna - what?
utilities included - shut yo mouth!

great deal, email for more pictures.

Probably NOT the best Craigslist Ad Ever - Maybe it's just that pool picture... I dunno - I have my to-do list to get too.  I promise I'll get back to design tips soon.

Frank M. Bua
Apartment Mogul


Home Mortgage Loans :execute.

     So we've spoke about the many hats we wear.  Today is a little out of the design box, but definitely within your realm as an interior/industrial/graphic/architect/etc....
      Anyway, today I want to take a minute to formally endorse the guys at Approvedfha.com.  They just launched the latest version of their powerful lead generation software - so go check out the site and buy yourself a new home!
     Seriously - next time you have a client in mortgage trouble, or an investor looking for solid connections with solid people - refer them to:

     Hey - here's a design tip - go there yourself, educate yourself a little bit - and make more out of your future business deals.  The guys at ApprovedFHA provide intensive educational resources about home mortgage loans, construction loans, foreclosed properties, etc. Hey - they're the experts, ask them not me.  The Tip:  work with people you can trust to get the job done.  Work with the mortgage specialists at  ApprovedFHA.com

Frank M. Bua
Business Consultant 


curtis mayfield day

Today is Stabby proclaimed, Curtis Mayfield Day.  Why today?  I dunno... Why Curtis?  Well...come on are you really asking me?  The ORIGINAL CURTIS?  The guy that influenced Jimi Hendrix, Frusciante, and countless others?  Listen to this guys lyrics man... Curtis Mayfield knows what's up. Just listen.

Freddie's Dead - Start off a little slow, get to feeling your boy:

Pusherman.... GOD - people used to have something to say... nowadays the just wanna listen to others... anyway - this is some hard funk right here.... so dope...

Move On Up - A happier Curtis....this shit is straight 'hyphy' - if you don't double your work output listening to this... then you must be dancing....8 minutes of awesome complete w/ drum solo....

Keep on keepin on - take a breath with this as a 'Curtis Goodbye'

Happy Curtis Mayfield Day everybody!

Frank M. Bua
wanna be funk guitarist


Emergency Facebook Hack Post

     Hey guys - while I use FB and other social networking sites to promote myself & my clients, it's not my favorite use of the internet.  (I had a bad myspace addiction a few years back)
     Regardless - I still believe in the right to privacy, even if you post that privacy in public forums.
     You may have heard that over the past 48 hours there has been a MAJOR FACEBOOK HACK that has occured.  Luckily - I wasn't involved - when one friend left the link calling another friend by his full name - I kind of figured out what was happening.  I DID NOT REALIZE it would get so out of control.
    So, because this blog has a facebook fan page, and beacuse I'm a nice guy - I'm giving you all a link that should help remove this hack & keep you protected in the future.  I found it through Maximum PC dot com - where I like to review my products  pre-purchase.  The following link takes you to a FREE CLOUD ANTIVIRUS program provided by Panda Security.  There is a local installation - but for the most part it being cloud based means any existing mal/spyware you have won't be able to affect the scan.  Here it is, from me to you:


 (i wanted a 'fuck hackers' sign - but this was too funny.. and we can't let terrorists change our lives right!)

Frank M. Bua
needs some sleep on sunday


Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     Rainy weekend...  Ol' Skate Clips - just like beer & pizza... 
     Anyway - this week's installment: Gershon Mosely.  When I first started skating,  this guy was my absolute fav.  I had seen a few pics of Mosely here & there, then Powell came out w/ Suburban Diners....  His steelo was sick, and he pulled a nollie 270s/f/sn/s - came out switch too....(in a line!)  I remember him killing a mini in some old Thrasher vid as well....  I even saw him at the first Warped Tour (triple o.g. over here) and asked him for his board after he murdered that ol' portable halfpipe thing they had - remember that thing?  They had the setup dude in a 411 commercial now that I think about it.  Then like 2 months later he was interviewed in Transworld and said how much he hates kids asking for his board.....
     Although Suburban Diners is collecting dust somewhere in my old attic - I was able to find this part.  It was his 411 profile - the one he did for 'best of' was good, but it's essentially the same clips a few years later.   But seriously - especially considering the quality of every other skater (except world/girl) at the time - this shit is dope.  If you made this part tomorrow - you'd be siked.... S/k/f indies - switch feebs down handrails.... how real is his switch tre?
     Unfortunately all 411 parts seem to be so bad they take away from the skating.  I apologize & will try to use them only when the part I really wanted is unavailable. But for now - Enjoy:

i love his spot killing too... one night, one spot - done deal.  that's fucking business right there.

Frank M. Bua
weekend child



Friday, May 21st
Toronto, ON
Office of Concept : Execute

::doonk doonk::

breaker 1-9, we have a designer lost in the weeds.



     It can be hard to remember sometimes.  Simplicity.  For the most part - it is the basis of organic design.  What can you take away from your designs?   Next time you're 'finished,' give it another once over.  Can't find anything? Here's a hint - you can take away anything, as long as it is not that which should be taken away!
     Yeah, I'm paraphrasing Frank Lloyd Wright here - but these are the ideas of many architects, sculptors & artists.  Anything that is 'minimalist,' or 'modernist,' or  simply what can commonly be called 'clean,' or what I specifically call, 'elegant' -  at the heart of these words lies this organic idea.  We are not in the renaissance, we don't need, or create, or value that picturesque world.  No, we are in a modern era of fast paced - everyTHANG.  
     There is no time and no fooling anyone.  We do not rely on trickery, or affects to create great designs.  And those that do, are quickly exposed (cough liebeskind i hate you cough).  '...the thing has to be what it is...' - FLW.  Of course he was yelling that and stamping his fist... But it is true - what are you designing? Does it serve its purpose (dont get trappped in functionalism here)?  Does it convey about itself what you intended it to convey?  Does it better its setting?  Does it enhance the audiences experience?
     There is always a lot going on... Obviously theory only enters the minds of a few of us - but beyond that as we all know is a mountain of shit that is necessary to do to deliver the final product.  Coding, printing, approvals, budgets, deadlines, billings, slackers, etc.  Sometimes you forget the most simple thing- and that's what todays weblog is about. 
     This comes courtesy of Paul Hanan, partner & designer at Graham Withers Clothing company.  I often reach out to my friends in design related fields for opinions - for one, I respect them or I wouldn't work with them.  For two - they are familiar with my work and will let me know if I'm 'reaching' or missing my mark.  Dont get me wrong - sometimes I think they have their head up their ass and I go with my design gut. 

    Anywho - I asked Mr. Hanan what he thought of one of my new sites.  Something Ive been really involved in, really developing and generally being too much of a perfectionist - which we all know can be detrimental sometimes.  Im glad I asked Paul, because hes pretty direct.  His review of the site:

there's no clean progression like:
Home page--->services--->examples of products--->contact us 

    I was so deflated reading that! I was so worried about this and that that I forgot the SIMPLE stuff.  So no matter how sick my css rollovers, or xml data sets were - THEY AMOUNTED TO SHIT without the simple concept that Mr. Hanan was kind enough to remind me of.    So, this long ass post is cuz I missed you guys yesterday and because all of us should be reminded to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant


3 levels of communication

     As designers, we wear many hats.  Unfortunately not EVERYONE likes to stay up all night drinking old coffee & smoking cigarettes.  Our clients, most likely - don't even want to know we do that, but may have a suppressed feeling that we do....  Anyway - I just want you to remember the 3 levels of communication:  What YOU mean, What you SAY, and What THEY hear.... here are some potentially dangerous examples:

You say:  I don`t know.
You mean:  Shit, they caught that one little detail -shoulda kept my mouth shut in the 1st place...
They hear: You got me pal, while it`s obvious I will be ready in the future, I`m not ready now so send me back to where I came from....

CATASTROPHIC! How about this:

You say: Leave it as an open item, let`s move on & I`ll have it to you by the a.m.
You mean:  Shitfuck - I have no clue what this guy is talking about, but so&so does, so I need to get him or her on the phone by the end of the day.
They hear: Let`s keep this meeting going as all our time is valuable - I have the correct answer, but I want to make sure before I give it to you.


You say:  Call me when you`re ready to go, I`m here working.
You mean: I`m onto your ways, asshole - I will not wait for you if you're going to be a loser & waste my time.
They hear: I`m diligently working, but ready for action at the drop of a dime.  When you`re ready, you know where to find me.

     Remember the 3 levels of communication! Unfortunately, business & design collide so BE READY!  Does it sound like double speak - sorta - but I have a hunch any businesssman over 40 has done MORE than his fair share of double talk, for more dubious reasons than ours - and unfortunately it`s necessary sometimes to keep things moving.
     As we talked about before - our clients do NOT have the training or experience we have AND they hired us to take care of their problems - so often times I HAVE to use this `double speak` to shield them from problems while giving myself the time to solve the problem.... Believe me - I`ve wasted WAY too many hours tryin to explain the ins & outs to clients - where if I woulda said, `Don`t worry shit is ill,` & hung up the phone - I could`ve solved the problem in that same amount of time.   Remember - keep your mouth shut - protect your client to avoid stress.  

Be Relentless

I say: Regards, Frank M. Bua Design Consultant
I mean: Have a good one, I`m Frank & I`m the man.
You hear: This effin guy...who does he think he is...


Bonus Clip o'th'Wk.

THIS PART IS HORRIBLE.... but the kid at 2:13 is pretty real - definitely blows up at 3:00 - real surprising.  WARNING:  Lower the music or you'll never make it that far....

Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     I'm going to tell you right now, this is NOT THE LAST Enrique Lorenzo clip you will see on this blog.  This dude has been awesome since before it was awesome to be awesome.  (Take that Garritty.)  Seriously - his second trick sets the tone for this whole part - dope, original, stee'd the eff out.  Really - this is like a part of straight hammers.  I'm going to watch it again right now in the middle of this post.
1:44 is ridiculous... in a line? I'll tell you a criteria for, 'OSCW,' - The part has to be at least 10 years old and could still be relevant today.  Basically, the part is dope enough that anyone reading this blog would be hard pressed to reproduce it.
     But Enrique - such stee... such originality... such hard tricks... and it's the little things he does too for added difficulty that you don't realize at first - like kickflipping up a curb the wrong way & not caring about it.  Enough from me, Enjoy:


business meeting etiquette

     Just a few quick tips from experience for you - because we didn't get into a design field to get a 9-5 or wear a suit - but the people who are our clients operate that way, so sometimes we gotta get dirty.
     It's all about relationships.  For the past 9 years, I'm always the youngest guy in the room (w/ responsibility,  not talking coffee assistants).  No matter how much I (you) know,  how talented I(you) am - I'm usually sitting in a room w/ groups of 40-60 y.o. men w/ a lot of money & field specific power.  So the tips I'm giving today are based on how I got them to respect me in the 1st place, as well as develop our relationship.

      The head of a major international Mechanical Engineering firm tried to put me to the fire in an early meeting.  I happened to point out an obscure piece of building code he wasn't aware of - at first it was easy to shrug me off due to my age - but after review I was rewarded w/ credibility.  This same engineer - when I had a large condo project a few years later - I called him - knowing that his services are upward of 100k, but it was worth it as we had developed a mutual respect.  When I met w/ him to discuss the project and his fees, he told me he would do the job for (honestly, I can't even say) - with his reasoning being that  liked my business attitude & demeanor, he trusted me, and because he, 'want(ed) to support up & coming designers.'
     Or how bout the vice principal of ____, whose apartment briefly held the title of, 'tallest residential space in the world,' calling ME up - to invite my old boss & team on his yacht for a catered event.  Or international designers (London, Japan) calling me for NY regulated consultation?  Or when the office moved & many of our outside associates sent me gifts, including a tree, a nice bottle & other things - while my bosses got nothing.... How did I gain such credibility so young?  Few simple things, here they are:

1)Keep your mouth shut.  Remember the people you are dealing w/ are not as knowledgeable about your services are you are - so trying to dazzle them w/ terminology and jargon either loses them, confuses them, or both.  Most often they mis-understand a certain phrase & you waste an hour explaining it to them.  You can't put your foot in your mouth, if it's shut.

2)Be knowledgeable.  You worked hard to get here - you got your education, your degrees, your work experience , your confidence - LET THAT SHOW when you speak - speak confidently.  If you haven't been putting your foot in your mouth - when you do speak it holds more weight.  People respect one good idea an hour as opposed to trying to force your way into every decision that needs to be made & you end up looking like a fool that shouldn't be there.  After all - you worked hard to get there, no?

3) NEVER say 'I don't know.' Say it to your friends, your mother, whoever the fuck - NEVER NEVER say it in a business meeting.  Again - fall back on your credentials.  One thing I know about myself - after this many years if I don't know something myself, I know I can get the information w/in 24 hours from wherever it may be.  So NEVER say, 'I don't know' - because what everyone will hear is, 'I don't deserve to be here.'  When the occasion comes up that I really don't know something, I have a few go-to phrases.  'You know, that sounds familiar/We did that on a job a few years ago/He's my mother,' all can end in - Let me check my files at the office & I'll get back to you on that.'  If  there's a lot going on: 'Let's list it as an open item, move on, and I'll get back to you when I have the info in front of me.'  Smart people know it's worth it to get the facts straight anyway....

3 Simple things. Actually, if you're always saying, 'uhm,' - STOP THAT.  I learned that in 8th grade English Mrs. Garrity nightmare mode - you should know that by now.  Be quiet, Be knowledgeable, Be Confident - no matter what your age these old heads of companies (they still rule the world as of now) will respect  & listen to you. 

And be friendly - that's another non-tip-tip - don't be the young dickhead that looks like he's out for higher up jobs. People can see that a mile away. Speak authoritatively, yet friendly.

Frank M. Bua


Science is scary.

Wow.... That's all I can say about an artificially intelligent robot playing music, bobbing it's head & looking around.

Frank M. Bua
i'm scared


Design Time

     Sorry I missed a post yesterday.  As mentioned, last week this designer signed 2 contracts and needs to fulfill his obligations at the moment.  Here's a business card logo I did - it's the back of his card.
     Let's mention something about business cards quickly.  A lot of people want to put 'all they know' on their card.  Phone, Fax, Email, Website, FTP site, Company name, Position - and sometimes even their own name.  That's all great and dandy - they think it makes them look more legit, or more important - whatever it is, it's bad taste.  An overstocked business card signals (to a trained eye) a used car salesman - not the COO of Manhattan Motor Club.  You know what I find even more often?  Heads of companies NOT having business cards.  You think Steve Jobs has a business card?  Your local Senator?  The Vice President of Blackstone? NOPE.
     Unfortunately, if you're a designer, you don't operate on that level .  But regardless of what you do - a simple, clean, nicely stocked business card should be your weapon of choice.  Something that signals, 'I'm a professional, but I won't BEG for business.'  After all - that's the point of your other marketing material - not the point of a personal contact business card exchange.  For my own cards - I go double sided.  Front side is JUST my name & title in a faded/smaller font.  On the back - my company name, it's mailing address and my phone number.  NECESSARY INFO ONLY!  But Frank - why don't you list your email addrress?  Here's why - I'm the business owner - I'm talking to other business owners - we connect via phone as it is more personal & my charm is irresistable.  Most likely - his people will email my people.  If he/she really needs to contact me via web, he has my web address - which has all my contact info.

(this is the back of the clients card - he's a little more flashy then me & took the address off  for internet viewing)

     The overall look is what is ultimately important - so do what you need to do with your business card, as long as it conveys the message you want it to convey.
      That's it. I'm done.

Frank M. Bua
Designer of Business Cards too...


Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

     This weeks installment: Mike York... .OH YEAH! I know what you're thinking - & 99% of the time I'd agree with you.  When Mouse came out - I probably ffwd'd this part 8 outta 10 times - I mean - Gino? Keenan? Guy? Koston? Who the fuck bought that video for Mike York?  And have you seen this guy, York lately?  HE SUCKS. Really - I know he's had some serious injury & health problems - but I'm from the school that believes you need to go out w/ a bang, and he's going out as 'Yorkatron?'  LAME.
     BUT - yeah BUT - this part is pretty sick - I had no idea till I re-watched it a few week's ago.  Remember when you pussies jumped on Dill's dick like he was the first to do a s/s/k/f/n/m?  York did it way back when.... (let's not talk Koston s/s/b/s/180/k/f/n/m)  And when I watch this part now - and I think of all the 'it' tricks when this video came out - York is rockin' them in this part - to the fullest... He's got that tre flip back leg kick out, some stee... this part is hotter than you remember.
     So, No - I'm not starting a Mike York bandwagon or anything - but this part may be one of the most overlooked in history - next to Colin McCay's part in 'The Chocolate Tour' - but then again I've never even watched that part, and neither did you so....

Frank M. Bua
whatever - it's saturday.


go to www.conceptexecute.com


Fan me all over the place.  I'm a designer.  I look at things funny.  I'm self-promoting. I often disagree w/ people.  Sometimes I come across as a dick, but the people who know me realize it's just me being dry, and sometimes long-winded.  I'm not scared to say I'm a Picasso or Wright fan, even though you art snoot's out there will probably refer to Braque or Sullivan.  Somehow I'd find a way to agree w/ you, while disagreeing with you.  I like incisive dialect.  Today's blog post got mailed in and here it is.  I hope you liked it. 


frank m. bua


My Portfolio Chokes Hippos

     I recently mentioned that my portfolio could choke a hippo. Well since I said it, I guess I should back it up. Here's the deal - I'm 28 years old. I've been doing this for almost 10 years, and throughout my career I made very conscious decisions to continually move up for experience as well as money. That's how I went from hand-drafting decks in some dudes attic to designing WHOLE towns in Italy and landing a job for one of the tallest residential spaces in the world. I've trained & managed people much older than me & even though it sounds cocky, many designers twice my age would kill to work on the projects I have, at my level of responsibility. It's all in my portfolio - but to top it off - I got ultra-bauhaus on it as well.
     I knew I had a commercial quality home printer (see: ABP series) capable of producing 8.5x11's. But that doesn't stand out! And according to research - 11x17's tend to get tossed to the side, & any weird size becomes difficult to produce & carry. So I decided to print & mount my portfolio on 11x11 squares. Then according to the dimensions of 11x11 - I scaled the layout of images, font size, etc. to match the presentation. (If you've studied art, whether classical or modern, or any form of expression actually, I trust you know the importance of COMPOSITION) I had an initial concept for the final design in my head, but I waited until the layout was done & I was in the art store searching for appropriate materials to select the cover & clips. As you can see, it came out well. I was able to use my materials to re-create the 2d logo I developed for myself. The portfolio stands on it's own, and on the other side is my cheat sheet of project specs & info. After all - clients just like to see pretty pictures. You can see the actual pages & projects [here].

      At the end of the day, I feel it does my project list justice and at the same time speaks about how I approach design projects.  Also - people LOVE to hear there was a power drill involved in the making of it.
So - get on the ball people... Clients are often fooled by pretty pictures w/ no substance - and 2nd year design students from overly theoretical schools have a ton of that... Too bad they don't have the knowledge to execute anything. Unfortunately, especially in NY - we have to compete. So be relentless...

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant


concept: business

     So yeah, I guess I missed a post yesterday.  Sorry guys, been pretty busy setting up concept:execute.  It's my design/business consultation group & yesterday was a big day.  Over the past 2 weeks I've been able to develop the web site, work on this blog, work on my other website & put social networking sites such as facebook to use helping those sites grow.  What else have I done?  Well as if creating a whole concept & look for the company wasn't enough - letterheads, business cards, 2 forms of marketing material (1 shown below - the other, secret) w/ a coherent marketing strategy including multi-media advertising (for no $).  I have a business model/ plan which helped me quickly & accurately shape the look of the company.  I put together an in-house team, which can take care of immediate work while I continue to hit the streets.  I've reached out to & am currently negotiating terms w/ my outside teams, (as a consultant - having good deals helps A TON) including a sweet deal w/ one of New Yorks Top 40 designers of 2009.  When the ink is dry, I'll big them up here and share their sweet stuff with you.
     I put together a short-list of HOT HOT leads. I'm already talking to some now & the best part - they don't know they're leads.  Starting out - anything I do good for them is good for me - so for now we're just having friendly conversation & when the time matches my good ideas - I'll pitch them, or hopefully they'll have already pitched me.  I also have the next tier of leads- the ones getting my introductory packet, in the shown folder - which I also developed & made in the last 2 weeks.  I also have a nice deal w/ a printer - so I'll be getting my ads & stickers printed on the super cheap, as well as material for in-house printing which is even cheaper.  (Stickers? yes - an alternate version of the logo that applies to another targeted/overlapped clientele - keep up people) At this exact moment, a lot of this is just on my hard-drive.  But today I get my business phone line (yep, got that too) at which point my marketing can go out full force.

    And yesterday may have been the biggest as I officially signed TWO - outside contracts for my services.  One being for a quick web site, and the other being for the staging of a high-end condo designed by the internationally hot Peter Clewes.  And to top it off - the new iphone business line is courtesy of one of those clients - IN ADDITION to the fees they've agreed to pay me.  Make good relationships people - and don't be afraid to reach out to them.  BUT REMEMBER - it's better to reach out to them once a year w/ a good idea than to call them like a pain in the ass every other week begging for money.  Time is money, they know that - you should know that.  Call them to congratulate on public accolades too - butter that toast while remembering their rep is your rep & vice versa. Of course this only works when your portoflio can choke a hippo - like mine can.

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant


You can't come in here Printing like that....

     As mentioned, this final segment is about page setups.  All this may mean to you right now is that annoying little icon next to the printer in most design programs.  Or you've seen it under 'Fileheard of someone else using it.  For most programs, there's multiple ways to set up a page for press - pre OR post production.  My advice to you - hit that little f1 key next time you're in your favorite Computer Aided Design program, type in 'page setup' and see what it has to offer. 
    Here's an example - any version autodesk autocad come's w/ a 'batch plot' or 'publish' utility depending on what version you're in.  DON'T BE AFRAID! Create multiple set ups - describe the printer, plot styles, color profiles, paper type & tray, size, layout, etc.  Basically as if you were to send ONE print.  But instead of printing, you save the page layouts - which can then be directly imported/linked throughout the job.  Have your 'final print' setting, your 'half size' setting, your 'photo' setting.  When you change the set up under, 'photo,' all subsequent files that use 'photo' also change.  When we were talking about sending 300 prints out the other day - please tell me you weren't thinking I had my team sit there hitting, 'print, print, print..'  No - it was publish 10-20 pages at a time - keep working! Often times, not always, print setups you use in one program become accessible in others. Maybe it takes you an hour to figure it out - maybe you spend a day setting up every print setup you'll ever need (don't do that!) the time it will save in the long run becomes invaluable.  Especially as a designer - where your time designing is what you're selling.

     This one's real quick - open up your CAD utility - this time find the 'page layout,' or 'templates.'  These oft overlooked menu items let you set up PRE sets for all your new documents.  Take Photoshop for example -  when you start a new document you probably gloss over what's there in the preset & type away.  YOU CAN SAVE THOSE!  So important - I know certain web documents need to be X by X, w/ Y pixels - we're typing it in anyway - so just save it.  Again - you know you're large scale prints are going to be 300 ppi - so make a setting for all your large scale prints.  It takes initial time yes - but becomes an invaluable invstment later.
     Well, if you made it this far - thanks.  Apply these three tips to all your printing jobs and make your money AND your time stretch further.  Do it right the first time - and don't worry about it again.  Now if only my hairline would come back..

Frank M. Bua
Design Consultant


Ol' Skate Clip of the Week

If you're looking for pt 3 of my printer commentary - check back on Monday.  The weekend is here, and that calls for weekend activities.  Hence, 'Ol' Skate Clip of the Week,'  where I find some old part any skater over 25 should know about & post it for our own enjoyment.  Then use it to HATE on the new young guns.  Awesome. 

I picked this b/c not only was Kareem ahead of his time, but also I love that song...so much so that I have it's lyrics tattooed on my inner bicep.  But really - this part definitely is from a time when skateboarding was all about being a poor street kid - not about winning 100k X game whatever they call it.  Check you boy out - rockin' lines on handrails, big burly - and somehow still tech w/out being labeled in either category.  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KAREEM CAMPBELL & TODAYS SKATERS:  Kareem was making tricks dope, not just doing the dope tricks.   Kareem realized just cuz you can do some weird whirly bird shit on your board - doensn't mean you should. He just kept it real - dope tricks, grimey spots, slap 5 in the middle of a line - real skateboarding. And he had the best double company name ever: KSL.  Kareem Still Livin' OR Kareem Stackin' Loot - come on people.