and the Winner is.....

frank m. bua
d  e  s  i  g  n  e  r

Ostra Bar & Lounge + Frank M. Bua = one awesome dining experience.


An Idea...that's probably wrong

Today I was sitting in front of a chain link fence noticing its lack of shadow.  At first I thought that due to it`s lack of thickness that the light particles were simply splitting around the wire and re-converging again before they hit the ground.  

Then I thought about the scientific experiments that prove it is possible for a single particle travelling as a wave function (as light does) to occupy more than one space at one time without a relative vantage point. (General Theory of Relativity).  

It then occurred to me that it was possible that the light particles are not splitting around the fence, that they could in fact just be occupying both sides of the the wire material at the same time.  I then began to realize that the whole way we think about light may be wrong in the first place.  It is possible that light is NOT a series of particles travelling from point a to point b.  It is possible that a ray of light is not a series of particles travelling as a wave function AT ALL.  In actuality it is reasonable to hypothesize that a beam of light consists of only ONE particle - NOT travelling from point a to b, but EXISTING at all points simultaneously.  

Think about C (the speed of light) now.  It is impossible (as we know it) to travel AT the speed of light.  But if we think of light as NOT travelling - as simply EXISTING as a single particle... What if C is not a speed  at all - but instead a level of ultimate existence.  

Throughout history all religions have associated light with god whether in description or artistic depiction.  The states of being acheivable through meditation or mind training are often described and similar to the way `light` exists in our physical world.  Is this all coincidence - and is a particle of light the connecting key to this physical worldÉ If time is only another Galilean unit of measurement as Einstein hypothesizes - and if Light breaks the rules of all Galilean units of measurement - then to exist, or function in the way that light does would allow a human to time travel.  

Now if we go back to the idea that it is possible that light is only a single particle existing everywhere simultaneously....